Friday, November 7, 2008

The Rocky Horror Show ... Live at the Victoria!


See it while you ca-ha-han!

This is the original musical that spawned the longest-running film of all time. It's a fully staged rock show with a live band, scenery, lighting and special effects...

Friday and Saturday at 8pm at the Victoria Theatre

ng with a special "unrated" performance Saturday at 11pm
(wardrobe malfunctions and who knows what else!)

Starring the multi-talented Jef Valentine as Dr. Frank N Furter and featuring San Francisco stage veterans Rebecca Pingree, Jason Hoover, Sarah Kathleen Farrell, Manuel Caneri, Jessica Coker and Leanne Borghesi. It is directed and choreographed by Los Angeles-based Cate Caplin, with musical direction and original arrangements by Ben Prince.


"In Ray of Light's joyously sleazy production at the Victoria, the near-perfect cast manages to pay tribute to the film while out-pacing it in almost every way.... the beautifully executed production numbers render audience participation more or less irrelevant. The whole thing is brilliant proof that "Rocky Horror" doesn't need a cult following to be a smash."

"Valentine rocks that Frank-n-Furter corset magnificently"
- SF WEEKLY, All Shook Down

"Valentine is charismatic as the barmy transvestite... he embraces the role with an almost fanatical gusto. His vocal chords on the songs are vigorous and bell clear...there is a bit of Marilyn Manson menace in his portrayal."
- Richard Connema TALKING BROADWAY

"ROCKY HORROR is a pretty amazing theatrical experience and one of the best live productions of anything I've seen in a long Long LONG time: true to the original but not slavishly recreating the film, with fairly lavish production values, awesome projections, kickass costumes and cool choreography, a great director, fantastic music direction and rock solid perfect casting in every role."
- award-winning lyricist and performer Tom Orr

"... an enjoyable cast, headed up by a formidable Jef Valentine"

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